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Designer of the suiver ©


My life’s journey has been punctuated by three phases:

An automobile and technical phase,

  • An automobile and technical phase,
  • A commercial phase,
  • World travels and wrought ironwork which allowed me to further my travels throughout Europe and meet up with extraordinary artists through whom I acquired other techniques and know-hows.

These experiences are what allow me today to make do with little.

This journey made me who I am today.

Before "how ", there is "why?"...

Of course, at the origin of the product, it never occurred to me for an instant that there would be any marketing or that it would bear the name SUIVER ©.

At the outset, any item can have a function other than that for which it was designed.

This consumer society offers thousands of items of all kinds usable when travelling by bicycle.

My modest basket fixed to the handlebars quickly demonstrated its limits and finally gave up the ghost.

A solution very quickly came to mind: a trailer bike!

Alas, very few shops physically offer this, apart from some specialists for very specific uses such as long-distance bike rides or child transport. All other products, of all sizes, designed for transport, are offered in catalogues and are often of a quality/price ratio in line with their size.

My need, combined with a practical sense and techniques learned throughout my career, resulted in this product after a few years.

At the start, the name SUIVER © had a "U" after the "E" and was pronounced SUIVEUR like something that accompanies you, like a pilot fish that follows behind a bigger one and is always there when the need is felt.

Because of a need for space and without losing its initial meaning, the "U" has disappeared while preserving its ease of pronunciation for the whole world.
The SUIVER © is a supermarket trolley type basket, mounted on a central wheel, fixed to a support allowing it to articulate in all directions. It folds back on itself for optimal storage.
The first stage was to establish its size; the second, its support, to which its hinged connection and specific safety systems had to be integrated.

The aim of this project was to create an everyday tool, both simple and practical.

Consequently, the more it was simplified, more technical and safety issues were encountered for which new solutions had to be found.

Hence the challenges of the project: making it INNOVATIVE, EASY TO USE, PRACTICAL, easily REPAIRABLE by any local craftsman, DISMOUNTABLE, EASY TO INSTALL, RELIABLE, and that the production tool already exists.

Today, any product on offer to the general public, all the more if used in the public domain, must meet safety standards.

European standards are required by law, to be carried out by sworn technical laboratories who test the products on bases common to the various countries of Europe.

The safety, articulation, protection systems are tested thousands of times.

Instructions for use are also required, so that the end user is informed on how to correctly assemble and use safely,  together with the risks run, should these rules fail to be complied with.

The SUIVER © is composed of 97% mild steel, available at all retail and DIY stores.

The remaining 3% include the Teflon adjustment rings and a rubber band around the wheel.
The technical characteristic of this product is one multi-directional articulation between a support and basket allowing it to fold around the wheel of the bicycle.

This trailer differs from others by its practical aspect and ease of use!

No need for dismantling/reassembly, it is self-supporting. The trailer is forgotten, like the bell and headlight, present for safety reasons.

Its originality lies in its innovation, as it folds on the rear wheel and the bicycle returns to its initial function.

(In the collective unconscious, a bicycle is restrictive…)

This product expands the need of the bicycle to a daily use throughout the week, as it enables to stop by a shop « spur of the moment » and, perhaps, only using a car on Saturdays for weekly shopping in larger or bulkier quantities.

Naturally, this product could be of interest to those already convinced of the use of the bicycle and its advantages in terms of time and comfort, with minimum constraints.

What is important is that a tool exists that it is both useful and practical, and can be adopted in parallel with a car for daily shopping.

It is not aimed at any one particular section of the population but it can contribute to the way using a bicycle is perceived.

From a technical standpoint, the main difficulty has been the safety system which had to be adapted with the articulation for it to fulfill its role in certain conditions.

Making the parts of the product demountable and hence repairable also brought with it some issues but was one of my primary objectives.

The SUIVER © is available exclusively on the internet.

Depending on availabilities and orders, delivery could vary between two to five weeks.

If it should take 5 weeks, it means we are looking to group together a certain number of orders before shipping to your address.

Our aim, together with that of our factory’s, is to reach a production cruising speed of three weeks NOT INCLUDING delivery.

I gave a great deal of thought to the idea of a tool wanted to offer to the general public.

For this purpose, I followed the steps inherent in each new product:

  • Research and development
  • Protection Europe wide
  • Standardization with a sworn/certified laboratory
  • Dedicated site

At this stage of the project, the product is up for crowdfunding in view of being presented, submitted and analyzed by potential users.

Through their conclusions, and if they feel that the product can meet a need, the SUIVER © will see the light of day and their donations, beyond the threshold, will open the way to the production launch of a larger series.

We have, in fact, given thought to some accessories to make the SUIVER © even more practical: a foldable bottle holder, a floor mat and bags are currently under study.

For accessories other than the above, we want to give free rein to the imagination and needs of all.

Thus, each user of a SUIVER © can add a personal touch and submit new ideas to make the use of this tool even more practical.

BE ONE OF THOSE WHO CAN RENDER YOUR SUIVER ©  PERFECTIBLE, insofar as your ideas do not jeopardize safety requirements, together with the proper functioning of the SUIVER ©.

I’m not someone who has given up driving a car. Every mode of transport has its usefulness, the importance is to have a well thought-out and reasoned use.

50% of people who travel by car, drive less than 5 km.

Could we perhaps do things differently? That’s what I’m trying to do...
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