The suiver ©'s concept


With the SUIVER ©, add a trailer or luggage rack to your bike with a wave of the hand!

The importance of the bicycle will significantly increase in the majority of cities throughout Europe over the next few years. This development, driven by town planners (and urban policies), bears witness to the need to limit the increase in traffic congestion in towns and cities in favor of travel best suited to an urban environment. Preferred for its economic (practical  and less costly), ecological virtues (reduction in pollution and noise) and for health reasons (it is a physical activity), the bicycle and its SUIVER © are the answer,
whether for going shopping or transporting consumer products. They are a real alternative to the automobile.


The designer of this recently protected © system wanted to offer a simple and efficient alternative,
while not taking away the freedom and flexibility of the bicycle as urban transport.
The SUIVER © is a folding trailer that reinvents a new way to use our bicycles!


In just a few minutes, without complicated mechanical handling, or any special know-how, you can transform your bike and offer it new features.

The unique SUIVER © wheel, and its dimensions, allow it to circulate easily, while not changing your riding habits: its optimized size allows you to weave through traffic.

The suiver © offers you the possibility to transport up to 30 Kg of goods!

It’s not a simple trailer: when reaching your destination, parking your bike is problem-free, no handling to unfasten the trailer, or put it away or store it … With one easy movement, you can fold it on the rear wheel, turning it into a functional luggage rack.

Your bicycle returns to its initial function.



The system was designed to be installed, without any particular knowledge, on an urban bicycle (except electric yet) without changing your existing bicycle, nor modifying it at all.

The rear wheel must have a fender. Fits on bicycles 26 inches or more



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