The suiver ©, technical side




Simple &
The SUIVER© can be mounted on urban bicycles without any particular knowledge. Without changing your existing bike or modifying it at the least.

Modular & Foldable
The SUIVER© fits on any bicycle 26-inches or more and can carry up to 30 kg. It folds on the rear tire to become a luggage rack.

Practical &
Easy to use
Space-saving and really versatile, the SUIVER© does not exceed the pedal width and moves in perfect synch with the towing bike.

Fast &
The SUIVER© folds in a jiffy, based on your day-to-day needs.
Parking your bike is problem-free



suiver©'s datasheet
 weight            6.6 kg
 length             59 cm
 width              19 cm
 charge             up to 30kg
 materials         97% mild steel and 3% including :
                             Teflon adjustment rings,
                              rubber band around the wheel.
 Standard          PR NF EN 15918
 Legal Deposit  RC-2016-163037501220841-001



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